Our Company

Mountain Sales Northwest (MSNW) is an independent, family-owned business founded by Linda Stevenson in 1987. Linda's interest in natural/organic products was driven by her desire to provide her family (five children under the age of 15) with the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In the beginning she was juggling the demands of both family and new business. Often, her initial confidence in products that MSNW represented was the result of using and validating the products at home.  It worked! Customers responded to Linda's enthusiasm for products when they realized she didn't just sell them - she used them.


Today, Linda is still leading MSNW and her family continues to use most of the products that MSNW represents.  However, much has changed - the family has not only grown up, but some have joined the business.  Just as important, others have joined the MSNW team who share the same passion for selling products that they use as part of their lifestyle.   The result is a 'business family' that excels at providing professional sales and marketing services for product manufacturers..

Our Team 

Ours is a people business and we are proud to introduce our winning team. We are fortunate to have a staff of veterans that have worked in this industry segment for years and that understand the business. Building relationships, selling, product placement, education, and retailer support are at the core of our professional DNA. We love what we do ... and we are very good at it.

Linda Stevenson

President / Principal


As President of MSNW, Linda is responsible for overall leadership and management of the company. She is also responsible for key account management activities with all large strategic accounts. Linda also continues to work in the field with selected retail stores. This direct contact enables Linda to remain current with trends and needs of the marketplace. Linda started working in the natural market in 1986.  Linda is well-known and highly respected in the territory and the natural, organic products industry.  When Linda is not working, she prefers to be busy enjoying the outdoors (biking, swimming, hiking) and/or playing with her family. 



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Trent Stevenson

Vice President / Principal


Trent is responsible for managing the internal business processes for MSNW. This includes, finance, order processing, distributor communications, and a myriad of processes to support the manufacturers we represent. He also works closely with the manufacturers and distributors to coordinate new product placement, marketing, and promotions. Trent keeps all processes running smoothly. A graduate of the University of Washington Business School, he has worked with MSNW for over 20 years.  When Trent is not working, he has no choice but to keep up with Clyde and Hazel.

Sandy Donnen

Account Manager


Sandy works with a variety of accounts in Washington, Alaska, and Idaho. Sandy has broad understanding of natural health products and modalities and the benefits they provide. Her communication, marketing, & creative promotional ideas are very appreciated by her accounts. Sandy has 25 years of natural product retail experience in Seattle, with previous responsibilities as HABA buyer/manager at Metropolitan Markets and PCC Natural Markets. Her enthusiasm and sales abilities enable her to meet and exceed customer expectations.  When Sandy is not working, she might be found paddling Puget Sound in her kayak.



Gina Garrett

Account Manager


Gina is supporting accounts in Oregon and southwest Washington. She has over 16 years of sales and account services experience in the HABA and nutritional products categories.  Gina enjoys selling quality products and helping others understand the benefits of using them.  She is enthusiastic about working with retail accounts and helping all of them grow their business.   During her 'free' time, you will often find Gina on recreational walks, reading or relaxing with friends.



Caryn Adaryn

Account Manager


Caryn is focused on retail accounts in eastern WA and northern Idaho.  She brings years of experience selling consumer products to retailers.  She combines knowledge of the products and sales savy with patience and persistence that enable her to open doors and expand product sales to retailers that are often 'too busy to listen'.  When Caryn is not working, she likes to catch a big one with a fly or paint with watercolors.




Rebecca Stevenson

Marketing Communications Manager


Rebecca grew up watching her Mom juggle the work of a mother and of MSNW.  She is focused on enhancing communication between MSNW and its customers.  Before joining MSNW, Rebecca earned a Marketing Communication major at the University of Washington. When she is not mothering to new baby Zelda or working, Rebecca likes to contort herself at hot yoga.


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