We know that working closely with the retailers is the 'secret ingredient' in a successful sales program.  We invest the majority of our time and resources maintaining a high level of visibility and communication with key retail personnel - management, buyers, and customer service staff.


The relationships maintained by our Account Managers with key store personnel drives much of the product volume for the manufacturer.  This requires an ongoing effort to satisfy the needs of store managers and buyers.  The frequency of our sales calls is based on the size, demography, and needs of the store.  Generally, in-store calls occur every 3-6 weeks.


Our retailer focused activities include:


  • Annual / Semi-annual Planning with Store Management

  • Selling and Education with Buyers

  • Product Placement and Shelf Space

  • Product Re-sets

  • Monitor Stock Levels

  • End-cap Displays

  • Training for Retail Staff

  • In-store Product Demonstrations

  • In-store Product Promotions

  • Trade Shows


We are continually working with retailers throughout our region. ........National  Groups,   Regional Groups,  Independents,  or CO-OPS -- we service them all..

Working with Retailers 

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