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A History of Success


Mountain Sales Northwest is a natural products broker in the Pacific Northwest USA.  We have maintained an effective sales presence for over 27 years; building strong relationships throughout our market area.


The Pacific Northwest is a dynamic market for products in the natural and organic segments.  This regional market has grown dramatically over the last 30 years -- and Mountain Sales Northwest has been intimately involved in that growth.


Our ability to communicate and bridge the gap between manufacturer and distributors and retailers; has resulted in the high-profile positioning of the products we represent.  We constantly work with the leading retail organizations throughout our territory to place products in stores and promote the sale of those products to consumers.

Commitment and Expertise 

  • We are committed to this market and the natural and organic concepts – it is our focus and our lifestyle.

  • We are professionals and are well known and highly respected in our market area.

  • We apply a strategic approach -- Marketing | Sales | Education -- to reach retailers and consumers.

  • We know what it takes to be successful placing product – we love to sell.

  • We work closely with the retailers - product placement, education, and in-store promotions - to increase sales to consumers.

  • We have an outstanding staff – people like to work with us.

  • We get results – visibility, product placement and sales.

"Mountain Sales Northwest has always been a very friendly and reliable brokerage company to work with.  As a Wellness Manager at New Seasons Market I have had many interactions with them over the past several years and they have always been there to support my department’s needs.  I would highly recommend their services."


Trudy Saunders

Wellness Manager

New Seasons Market

Raleigh Hills / Portland, OR

Are your sales upside down in the Pacific Northwest?   Is the market growing but not your product sales?
Maybe we can help ... give us call.  We will be happy to listen; then discuss your needs and how we can help you acheive your objectives.
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